Thursday: 16 September, 2021


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    St. Bernadette's School is blessed with these facilities:

    1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: The School boasts of internet facilities as the world has become a global village. A purpose-built computer room and Information Technology (ICT) Centre.

    2. LIBRARY: Our library is a well-stocked room with local and foreign books as well as e-learning equipment. Nursery pupils enjoy the audio-visuals put in place.

    3. SCHOOL HALL: A multi-purpose hall sits about 600 guests and well furnished; it's located at the South-West end of the School.

    4. ADMINISTRATIVE BLOCK: The Administrative Block houses the Head Teacher's Office, The Bookshop, Sickbay and the Account Department.

    5. CLASSROOMS: The School at Ibara, Abeokuta has fourteen (14) blocks of fifty classrooms which are purpose-built with adequate and convenient furniture and cross ventilation. The School is divided into three (3) sections:

    6. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". In St. Bernadette's School, we give an all-round education. We are sound academically and we have co-curricular clubs such as Literary and Debating, The Cultural Troupes, Red Cross Society, Boy's Scout, Holy Childhood Association, French Club, Art Club and School Choir.

    7. SPORTS COMPLEX: We recreate and develop God's hidden talents in sports on our sport ground which has a standard football pitch, basketball court, cricket pitch, badminton and athletics.

    8. SICK BAY: The School sick bay is set to give first aid treatment to pupils and staff when the need arises. It is equipped with five beds and care giver. It is a home away from home.

    9. GENERATOR/BORE HOLE: We do not depend on government to run the School. We have an industrial generator for power and a functional borehole to meet our water needs.

    St. Bernadette's School is a missionary School run by Our Lady of Apostles (OLA) Sisters, the grotto of OLA is situated at the North-West entrance of the School.

    The School is well secured and has a well-built car park, which accommodates about 100 cars, enough space for recreation; no wonder pupils do not wish to leave on their first visit.

    St. Bernadette's School... the pride of Parents, Teachers and Pupils. WELCOME!

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